Quick Questions to Ask When Booking a Helicopter Tour

A helicopter tour can be a good way to visit any type of tourist attraction, as you get a bird's eye view that may give you an entirely new appreciation for the sights. You may even be able to tour different attractions that would be otherwise inaccessible, such as active volcanoes, large waterfalls, and remote islands. When booking a helicopter tour, you want to ensure you know what's included and how to be safe. A helicopter tour is not like renting a car or going on a boat ride, so note a few questions to ask when booking your tour and information to cover with the booking agency.

1. Is there any flexibility with the time span, or what should you expect as to its length?

The reason you need to cover this with a touring company is that they will usually have a particular route and time span that is typical with the tour, but you may want to linger in certain areas, go around certain areas for a second pass, and so on. If the tour guide needs to stick to their schedule exactly then you may not have this flexibility, but at the same time, you may want to know when you can be expected to return. A one-hour tour shouldn't be expanded into two or three hours at the whims of the pilot, but if you're touring an area you really want to enjoy, some flexibility may be good.

2. Are there any restrictions or recommendations as to dress?

Some helicopter tours won't allow you to wear loose clothing and may insist that you wear trousers rather than skirts or dresses. Items like scarves or baseball caps may also be forbidden, as well as very loose jewelry including long necklaces. Long hair may need to be in a ponytail or otherwise tied back, and they may also restrict you from wearing sandals or shoes with heels. This is for your own safety, as you don't want anything to cause an accident or injury due to the high winds. 

3. When and how are you notified in case of bad weather?

Ask if you should call the tour agency beforehand if the weather seems bleak, or if they will call you and cancel the tour for inclement weather. This will keep you from showing up only to find that the tour will not be happening, or from calling unnecessarily when they will call you to notify you of a needed cancellation.

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